Toronto custom cupcakes at Le Petit Cupcakery

I discovered Toronto's Le Petit Cupcakery on Twitter (I'll go back and add the link, having trouble accessing Twitter at the moment but I'm sure you can find them easily enough), and was impressed with their cupcake photos and cute logo. Hopefully I can try them when I'm there in October. Oh, and they also have a blog, like everyone these days.

On their site, they write:

Our cupcakes are made from scratch and created with love. We try to use the best quality ingredients, including organic and local ingredients, to create a pure cupcake.

Specialty flavors include:

Buttercream Rose Cupcakes - $4.5
White or chocolate cupcakes, frosted with buttercream and topped with handmade roses.

Sugar Crown Cupcakes - $4.5
Our chocolate delight cupcakes topped with spun-sugar crowns.

Meringue Bouquet Cupcakes - $4
White cupcakes topped with an abundance of meringue flowers. Perfect for weddings or bridal showers!

Flower-Topped Brownie Cupcakes - $3.5
Brownie cupcakes topped with any colour icing (violet and teal are my favourite) and sprinkled with crystallized flowers.

Le Petit Cupcakery
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