Colorado cupcakes: Nomelie Cupcakes in Parker

Thanks to owner Selah Davenport and her mom, who came to Denver and picked me up, I got to visit Nomelie Cupcakes in Parker, Colorado. The shop is named after Selah's kids, Noah and Amelie, and is about to celebrate its 1-year anniversary. I'll have a fuller update later this week and, soon, an interview with Selah, but I wanted to share some photos. My favorite cupcakes were: strawberry (with a strawberry cake and very fresh, natural, simply delicious strawberry frosting that I couldn't stop eating), vanilla/vanilla, and banana cake with cream cheese frosting and hazelnuts sprinkled on top - yes, I liked cream cheese frosting, and I don't even really like cream cheese frosting. They bake them fresh daily and Selah does so much herself, from making her own buttermilk to her own vanilla (yes, really, I saw it!). Cupcakes are $2.75 each or $2.50 each if you buy 6 or more.

I really liked the atmosphere; there's several tables for people to sit at, and they serve tea and coffee (are just now starting to offer French press) and there are cute little decorations and designs around the shop that add a homey touch. And free wi-fi! I observed several families eating cupcakes; I was there around 4:30-5:45 on Saturday afternoon. It was relaxed and open. They currently offer 7 flavors each day, but starting April 19th will offer 9 per day, and are working on a gluten-free cupcake.

But really, go here for the cupcakes. They were all incredibly fresh, with very strong flavors. The vanilla was really, really vanilla. The regular chocolate, which I only had a bite of, was very good; none of them were dry, and I'm told, by Selah and others, that because of the elevation here that is a big challenge.

They also do weddings and events and have indoor and outdoor seating, including a kiddie table with crayons and paper. Thank you so much to Selah for the ride and the free cupcakes and sitting and chatting with me about running her business. I love talking to bakery owners about how they've chosen to run their business and what they're all about. Speaking of Nomelie, go to their website to sign up for their weekly newsletter for the latest news and coupons.

More photos are in my Flickr account (soon to be in a set) and you can find them on Twitter too. I don't know their Flickr account but once I get that info I'll add some photos from there too.

Vanilla/vanilla and part of strawberry cupcake

Mexican chocolate cupcake

Banana cupcakes

cupcake picks

Red velvet cupcakes

Yes, they use real butter! (this is one of my favorite photos I've taken in a bakery)

colored sugar and decorations for sale

pretty chandeliers