Sweet Revenge's Marlo Scott On The Cover Of Entrepreneur Magazine

Have you picked up a copy of the April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine Sweet Revenge's Marlo Scott is on the cover and the featured article includes a quote by me (Nichelle).
"She's found a different way to market cupcakes," says Nichelle Stephens, co-founder of the popular cupcake blog Cupcakes Take the Cake. "Sweet Revenge is not a dive and not too high-end, and appealing to locals at night, and tourists and families during the day. Actually, I'm surprised there aren't more places like this."
For the uninitiated, Sweet Revenge is a cupcake place with a twist--it is a cupcake, wine and beer bar that is more like a bistro than a bakery. We have known Marlo since she opened in 2008 and we are so proud of her success.  She is proof that there is no "cupcake bubble" if you create a unique product that you are passionate about.

Sweet Revenge Cupcakes
Sweet Revenge Cupcakes