Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make chocolate cupcakes in your microwave!

Blogger Casa Veneracion shows you how to make chocolate cupcakes in your microwave! In a coffee mug!

From the post:

These cupcakes are my first attempt with microwave baking. Really easy. No mixing bowls needed. Just a fork to stir. And the really wonderful thing? My trepidation was that they’d come out hard and dry. But they were soft and moist. Granted, the texture is coarser than that of a cake or cupcake that had been mixed using the regular procedure. But, oh, the effect is really rustic and I love it. The cupcakes rose higher on one side but they were uniformly baked.


Lisa @ Sweet2Eat Baking said...

I've made these microwave chocolate cupcakes before and they are divine, rich and chocoate-y (is that even a word? It should be). They rise a lot in the microwave and sink back when cooking is over which causes the uneven tops but they taste good and the recipe I used had flakes of chocolate which remained hard bt didn't sink to the bottom.

They're a great quick easy fix for the kids too. They love the novelty, especially if they get to mix and weigh with the fork and punch in a few buttons on the microwave! :)