New Crumbs opening dates

Crumbs' cookies and cream cupcakes

This just in from Jason Bauer, Crumbs co-owner - the free cupcakes at Crumbs, 124 University Place, which opens tomorrow, Friday October 10th at 8 am, will happen next week, not, as we reported earlier, tomorrow. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Mia Bauer, author of Crumbs Bake Shop in a Box.

Here are the opening dates for the other new Crumbs:

Crumbs Madison Ave Oct 25th
Crumbs Lexington Oct 25th
Crumbs 3rd Ave (next to Citicorp) Feb 1
Crumbs Park Ave March 1
Crumbs Columbus Village March 1
Crumbs Broadway Jan 15

Crumbs Stamford Oct 28th
Crumbs Westport March 15
Crumbs New Canaan Feb 15

Crumbs Woodbury Dec 18
Crumbs Huntington Dec 28th

Crumbs Westfield Dec 1
Crumbs Hoboken Jan 1

Also....4 additional locations in LA will open this year as well.


Se ven deliciosos!
Anonymous said…
Do you have any more specifics about the locations (i.e. where exactly is the Lexington location, etc)? Thanks!