Guest blogger: Bakerella with Coca Cola cupcakes and a contest!

Today's guest blogger is the Martha Stewart-endorsed cupcake pop sensation Bakerella, who we post about frequently, sharing a timely bit of cupcake cheer and a fun contest! Thanks, Bakerella!

Hey everyone. I'm super excited to be guest blogging today on Cupcakes Take the Cake (CTTC).

Over a year ago I was a lurker (sent over by a google search for cupcakes) and totally amazed by all the creative cupcake artists featured on this blog. When I first visited this site, I couldn't believe how many photos of cupcakes there were. Where did they come from? Who made them? Who had time to talk about cupcakes? Who had time to take pictures of cupcakes? Were all these people crazy? Or, was I the crazy one for coming back every day to see the next cutest cupcake? It didn't matter. I wanted in.

So, in October of 2007 I decorated my first set of cupcakes for Halloween. I figured out how to submit them to CTTC through flickr and ta-dahhh… they were actually chosen. I was so excited, I couldn't believe it. They liked my cupcakes! The next thing I knew, I was starting my own blog to document my baking and decorating attempts. And I haven't stopped since. Now, people think I'm the crazy one for taking so many pictures of cupcakes. Ha!

But, now I get it. It's not even about the cupcakes. It's about making something that puts a smile on someone's face and brightens their day. And that's what I've been trying to do ever since. I'm not the best cake decorator or the best baker. I don't review cupcakes. I don't have a bakery. But, what I do have is fun. And, as long as that continues, so will I.

So, thank you Cupcakes Take the Cake for the fascination and the inspiration.

Now, who wants to see some Christmas Cupcakes?

Coca-Cola Cuteness

First up, the inspiration. I know you're thinking these Coke bottles are super cute. But wait until you see what I decided to do with them. (By the way, I found these at Wal-Mart. Run and get some before the holidays are over and they're all gone.)


Yep! I cut the tops right off. Now, let's see one in action!


Just turn one of the cupcakes upside down, frost the bottom and carefully rest the bottle opening over the cupcake. Voila… snow globe! I also misted sugar water on the inside of the globe and then sprinkled it with a little regular sugar to make it feel more snowy. Here's a close-up…


Snowglobe Cupcakes

Dang, these are cute. But, I don't think they would be half as cute without these awesome red baking cups from the Confectionery House. Thanks to Bake & Destroy for turning me on to these back in May. She raves about them and now I know why. I just love the intense, opaque color. But guess what? You can win some of your very own.

Baking Cups Giveaway

Baking Cups

I'm giving away a set of these brite-color assortment baking cups and a set of brown baking cups to one lucky winner right here on Cupcakes Take the Cake.
  • Just leave a comment below with some warm holiday wishes for the generous women that run Cupcakes Take the Cake and you'll be entered. (Easy, huh!)
  • Leave your comment with a link to your blog or email so I can contact you if you win.
  • The deadline to enter is Tuesday at midnight EST (tomorrow night.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday morning.

Happy Holidays everyone,


Lynn Dunn said…
These cupcakes are on my mind, Silly. Greetings for an excellent holiday season.
debns said…
Very unique. I'm going to give them a try. Wishing all the best in 2012.
Susan Graham said…
This is such a cute idea!

Happy Holidays - all the best in 2012!
Kathy Fowler said…
These are such an awesome idea. Will be giving them a try although my animal making isn't the best. Merry Christmas all!
Alexis D said…
I am so happy I saw this right now..
I have saved these from last year and this year trying to think what to do with them.. I was thinking about making them into tree ornaments. but they would be soo big. I LOVE making cupcakes and this is an amazing idea I cant wait to make them for the holidays!
<3 Thank you
C Varner said…
Amazing cupcakes! A FB friend pointed me in this I could ever be coordinated enough to accomplish that! LOL Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!
JAN said…
I Hope am not too late for such a great opportunity. you have inspired me.
Unknown said…
pickbet said…
I love them, how could anybody not want one for their very own?
Unknown said…
one word--- WOW!
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