Inside a bakery business plan

We often get asked to give would-be cupcake bakery owners advice, which we always have to decline. We post tips from the perspective of consumers and bloggers that we'd like to see bakeries do on occasion, but cannot give individual advice, though there is active discussion in our Cupcakes Take the Cake Flickr discussion boards which you are welcome to take part in.

But since there are many interested in the business side of running a bakery, I thought it was very cool that Funky Brick Bakery in Cincinnati has posted their business plan for free download, and has been vlogging (video blogging) about the process of starting a company/bakery. So check them out for their ongoing progress.

And here are some of their spring mini cupcakes:

They write:

I made a batch of vanilla mini-cupcakes for my daughter to take to her pre-school today. They were so fun to make, and they turned out to be so cute. Golden, buttery little vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing.


Cindy said…
I love these! They somehow take me back to my childhood!
Amy said…
Does anyone know where you can order cupcake liners customized with your business logo? Either across the liner or on the bottom?
Nancy Jacobini said…
I am interested in doing a cupcake business in the Orlando, FL area and I would like
to know if anybody knows of an instructor or how I can get started. Thank you. Nancy
Henry said…
I am trying to write a business plan and am wondering if anyone has done calculations on how much it costs to produce a specific quantity (single or dozen, etc.) of cupcakes. I am specifically looking for ingredients, but if it can be separated into categories, such as ingredients, marketing, etc. that would be fine. I appreciate anyone's input.
Thanks, HEnry
Lauri said…
Funky Brick Bakery's business plan link didn't work for me. I'm in the process of writing mine, name is also being changed for my business. In order to do this the right way, I'm trying to look for the start up cost of supplies in order to do the pricing for the items. Like a 50lbs bag of flour and a 50lbs bag of sugar, etc. and break it down for a recipe to the final product. I know this process is going to take a while. I'm just looking for that part of the business plan in order to know what I have to do. I (and my hubby) an existing business that the owners are going to retire and they've never made one. So we don't have something to look for. Any ideas?