Chocolate rum Christmas cupcakes

Chocolate - Rum Christmas Cupcakes

Don't these look adorable? I love that they are chocolate rum cupcakes but you'd never know from looking! They're by blogger Paris Pastry, who has the recipe, and writes:

I had an idea for Christmas to bake Chocolate – Mint Cupcakes using candy canes for decoration. Unfortunately the grocery store did not have mint extract so I chose something even better: rum extract! I looove rum! I would choose rum over any other liquor, merci beaucoup. I did not use real rum for practical reasons: 1) rum extract is much cheaper, 2) I won’t get tipsy from licking the batter and 3) I’m not sure if rum has salt in it, if so, the cupcakes might sink, and we don’t want that to happen, do we? Anyways the cupcakes turned out really great! I should have added a little bit more extract, because once the cupcakes were baked the cocoa-flavor overpowered the rum, nevertheless: really delicious cupcakes! Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


keiyuanna scott said…
cupcakes are so deluc so keep making declu cupcakes dueces lames dont gets the fames so popila