5 Samoa Girl Scout cookie cupcakes

It's Girl Scout cookie cupcake time! Here's 5 Samoa Girl Scout cookie cupcakes. Next up: Thin Mint cupcakes! If you've made some, email us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com with "Thin Mint" in the subject and the photo, description, price (if applicable) and your URL.

Samoa cupcakes by Put a Cupcake In It

Boulder, Colorado bakery Tee & Cakes is selling these Samoa cupcakes; via their Facebook page

blogger Mama Hen's Kitchen made these Samoa cupcakes and has the recipe

Gigi's Cupcakes in Murfeesoboro, Tennessee, via Facebook: "Caramel cake with chocolate ganche filling, caramel frosting, topped with toasted coconut, a caramel and chocolate drizzle, and a somoa cookie on top."

Samoa cupcakes by blogger Kathleen's Confections. She writes:
I tried the traditional cookie recipe for this last year and absolutely loved it, and figured it could use the cupcake make-over routine. Not that the cookie needs improvement, it's just always fun to play with the flavors in a different form. The cupcake rendition does have an added frosting layer which you won't find in the cookie, but the cupcake doesn't have a crunchy cookie either. In any case, I think it's quite tasty. I chose a chocolate cupcake base to keep the flavors rich (but it might be good with a vanilla cupcake too), topped with a carmel buttercream, toasted coconut flakes, caramel swirl, and then a bittersweet ganache.


Holly W (mama hen) said…
Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my cupcakes. I LOVE Samoas, and it's Samoa month over on mamahenskitchen.com!
Kathleen's Confections said…
Thanks for featuring my cupcake!