Italian Liquor + Cupcakes = YUM!

As some of you may know, I recently visited Venice, Italy for a vacation with my family.  Unfortunately, while I was there I did not find any cupcakes. (Although when I was in Zurich, I had a cupcake at the Starbucks!)

Anyways... so no cupcakes in Venice, BUT I did find LOTS of delicious liquors that I could mix into cupcakes! I brought home a big bottle of Lemoncino... but you might know it better as Lemoncello.  It's bright yellow liquor that's full of tart, lemon flavor! PERFECT for a cupcake!

So yesterday, I came up with what I think is my new favorite summertime cupcake!  It combines lemons and raspberries with the Lemoncino liquor into a delicious cupcake treat!

So I made a Lemoncino cupcake and topped it with a raspberry buttercream.  Then I topped the buttercream with a homemade candied lemon zest and a fresh raspberry.

To. Die. For. I only made a dozen and they're already half gone.  They really are that good.

To learn how to make these check out JavaCupcake for the full recipe and lots more pictures!
Lemoncino Raspberry Cupcakes