About Us and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are you?
We are friends who all love cupcakes.  Rachel Kramer Bussel is an author and editor, Nichelle Stephens is co-founder, event producer and digital strategist. We also have cupcake correspondents: Betsy Eves, Ashley Khawsy, Kimmie Schiffel, Jackie Seigel and Elise Wallace. We also accept guest posts. Pitch us and we will consider it.

I sent you an email and haven’t heard back. What’s up?
We got lots of email daily. We try to respond to all emails and requests as soon as possible. If you have an urgent question and haven’t gotten an answer within a week, please email us again. Contact us via email: cupcakestakethecake@gmailDOTcom.  You can also contact us via Twitter at @cupcakeblog or on Facebook http://facebook.com/cupcakestakethecake

Why did you start Cupcakes Take the Cake?
Cupcakes Take The Cake was started in December of 2004. We were inspired by the opening of New York City bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine and the release of Clare Crespo’s book Hey There, Cupcake!,as well as the success of our friends who run the pizza blog Slice. We thought there just might be others as into cupcakes as we were, and we were right!

Do you sell cupcakes?
We do NOT sell cupcakes, but we link to over 400 bakeries across the U.S. and internationally  that do. You can also search the search box in our upper left-hand corner to find out about cupcakes in your city.

Where are the recipes?
We link to and post recipes from our readers, fellow bloggers, news stories, and cookbooks when they are available to us. If you search “recipes” in the upper left-hand search box, you will come across some. Also look at posts by label:

Click here to see all our posts labeled recipes.

How do I get my photos added to your site?
The best way to do so is to join photo-sharing site Flickr.com and then add your photos to our Flickr pool (http://www.flickr.com/groups/cupcakestakethecake/pool/). We selectively post photos from that pool. Alternately, you can email them to us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com. Please note that because of the large number of submissions, we cannot post every photo that is sent to us. We are also on Instagram and our handle is @CupcakesTakeTheCake

Can I advertise on Cupcakes Take The Cake?
Only via Federated Media, our ad network.  Contact them directly via this link.

Do you do brand partnerships, sponsored posts  and giveaways?
Yes we do. Contact Nichelle via cupcakestakethecakeATgmail.com

What happens at your Cupcake Meetups?
Generally, a group meets at a local bakery, with each person ordering and paying for their own cupcakes, and then people often taste and share cupcakes and compare which ones they like best. Our meetups vary and we do everything from cupcake picnics to bake sales to cupcake crafting.

Where can I get a Cupcakes Take the Cake t-shirt?
We’re glad you asked! You can get t-shirts, sweatshirts, onesies and bags in our Cafepress store. We also sell T-shirts on Spreadshirt.

How do I take your cupcake interview?
We have interviewed over 100 people about cupcakes, from readers to bakery owners to Lisa Loeb. We would love to interview you – just drop us a line at cupcakestakethecake at GMAIL.com and tell us you’d like to be interviewed. If you run a bakery or your own cupcake business, let us know that as well.