cupcake shots

Cupcake shot drink recipes

This is not strictly cupcakes but is too yummy to not post about, plus I got it as a gift from TWO people and it's making my lips taste and feel so sweet: Philosophy's sugar cookie lip balm


sounds sweet but I prefer vaseline. :-)
chihiro said…
Not exactly coincidental (b/c I like cake), but I'm currently eating a cupcake and came across your blog via some other blog that now I can't remember. I'm new to reading all these "blogs" that I heard so much about at work. Decided to have a look-see and didn't see much. Found this site and was glad someone's writing about an interesting topic. two questions: 1/will you posy cupcake recipes? 2/if at a not well-known bakery that has cupakes, is it safer to go with vanilla or chocolate?
Rachel said…
Hi Chihiro - I don't bake myself so probably won't be posting recipes, unless someone tells me about a great one they personally endorse.

Ummm...chocolate vs. vanilla. Tough call. I'm a sucker for vanilla buttercream frosting, but have also had frosting, both chocolate and vanilla, that I don't like. I prefer really creamy, sugary ones. Trying to figure out how to describe the frosting I don't like - I guess it's kinda dry and sticky, not as fluffy. Maybe chocolate if you're unsure? I don't know. Readers?
I vote chocolate, but maybe that's just because I'm such a chocolate fan.