Cupcakes at the movies

Today, I got a very sweet surprise when Alice Ayers pulled a small box out of her hidden stash and unveiled two delicious-looking buttercream frosting cupcakes from Mary's Off Jane. These looked very similar to the cupcakes I often get at other bakeries, with little sprinkles (aka confetti) on top, but there were their own unique taste treat.

They were incredibly rich, and you could taste the butter and sugar in perfect combination. Also, there wasn't too much frosting, but, like Goldilocks, it was just right. The cupcakes were also small enough that I could eat it evenly so there wasn't extra cake left with no frosting to go with it. All in all, a perfect, and perfectly filling snack. I highly recommend bringing cupcakes to the movies - cheaper than movie popcorn, and somehow extra satisfying to eat before a film, whether a tearjerker like the one we saw (Finding Neverland) or something else. Mary's Off Jane gets a ringing endorsement from me, and their site looks like they have beautiful cakes and other assorted goodies, so check it out.

Speaking of cupcakes at the movies - anyone know of any good movie (or tv) scenes featuring cupcakes? I'd be curious to check them out.

Also, the lovely Lauren Cerand, who is 1/3 of the excellent Cupcake Reading Series, which I was honored to read at this year, provides a link to Megan Jenkins's fascinating cupcake art.


That cupcake art is inspiring me to make more cupcakes!
Anonymous said…
Well, Victoria Gotti was crazy about the beautiful cupcakes she was eating, and she was saying they are her very favourite thing to eat--and it made me crave cupcakes in a big way!! lol. Do you have any idea which cupcakes she was eating? And maybe a recipe for them? Thanks! :D
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