Spotlight on Billy's Bakery

I think I am going to go to Billy's Bakery tonight because it's more convenient than my usual haunt, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. When the weather gets nicer again, I can walk, though I'll be rather bag-laden tonight so will probably do public transport. I've had Billy's cupckes twice before and they've been super yummy. Maybe I can provide some pics of all of us eating and feeding each other cupcakes. Cupcakes and comedy = perfect together. Also, what's up with Magnolia Bakery being closed from Dec. 24 - Jan. 2? That's just wrong. It's New Year's Eve, a time when people NEED cupcakes.

Here's a tip from Billy's:

When making fresh whipped cream, refrigerate the metal or glass mixing bowl for 15 minutes before whisking, your cream will whip up faster.