Cup-A-Cake container

We've gotten 4 emails in the last 2 days about this product - check out the Cup-A-Cake Container. Here's their blurb:

"CUP-A-CAKE was designed and patented by mothers to solve the age old problem of sending cupcakes to school or outings with their children. Before CUP-A-CAKE, taking cupcakes anywhere caused a mess."

Here's what it looks like:

I probably eat mine too quickly to need this, but I'm sure it'd be useful to those who are more patient in their cupcake chomping.


Robyn said…
I remember reading about this some time ago, first thinking "...when did I ever need this?" and then "Well, it could be useful if I wanted to give a cupcake to someone." But otherwise, I would probably eat mine too quickly as well. :p
im going to chicago this september.
where is a good place to get a cupcake?
im not sure if you girls would know this but its worth a shot. :)
Rita said…
Oh, I am dancing around singing that I must must have one of these. Thanks for the post and double thanks for this blog.
M. said…
Those gadgets are soo cool! Where can I get hold of them?
Susie Felber said…
I sent this around to many people at the TV network that shall remain nameless where I work. They thought it was very cool. Because add a sticker to the container -- and voila -- you get a branded b2b premium that no one else has done before.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shoot myself for using the phrase "branded b2b premium".

Craft & Bake said…
I have a set of them and they are quite cute. :)
CUP-A-CAKE containers can be bought at Sprinkles Bakery in West Hollywood, CA: Kiss the Cook Bakery in Palm Spring Gardens, FL: Some United Supermarkets in Texas: or cupacakes website.
Lori said…
These are just too too cute!
jess said…
indeed- i was just about to e-mail you about it too! you can buy them here, galinusa:

- jess (figandplum)