Cupcake Interview: Alexis Tirado


Name: Alexis
Age: 24
Location: NYC
Occupation: Editorial Assistant
How often do you eat cupcakes?
Whenever I see Lusty Lady or The Brazilian Muse
What's the best thing about eating cupcakes?

OMG! They’re so orgasmic! Especially the ones that B-Muse bakes up! Those c-cakes are so sweet and delicious – a taste like nothing else.

What's your favorite type of cupcake?

A chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I’m a classic cupcake lovah.

Favorite place to get cupcakes?

Seriously, no one makes better cupcakes than The Brazilian Muse. She should put Magnolia to shame and start her own shop (across the street from them!)

How do cupcakes compare/contrast to other baked goods
for you?

HELLO! There’s no contest – cupcakes are the best baked goods. That’s like comparing Brad Pitt to Paul Giamatti.

Is there any innovation you'd like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?
A calorie free cupcake that tastes as good as its fat-filled counterpart.

Any other thoughts on the topic?

Cupcakes should be used in foreplay….somehow.


What can I say? I'm honored that AlexisT is such a fan of my cupcakes. LOVE the photo!