Cupcake Interview: Lee Ann Westover

Hitching A Ride For A Cupcake

Lee Ann Westover is the lead singer of the sweetest "cocktail pop" quartet, The Lascivious Biddies. They will be playing at The Bubble Lounge, Tuesday April 19.

Name: Lee Ann Westover
Age: 30
Location: NYC
Occupation: Singer, The Lascivious Biddies

How often do you eat cupcakes?
Only rarely

What's the best thing about eating cupcakes?
Mouthful-o-cake, need I say more???

What's your favorite type of cupcake?
Chocolate w/marshmallow frosting (7 min frosting)

Favorite place to get cupcakes?
Birthday Parties

How do cupcakes compare/contrast to other baked goods for you?
Behind the chocolate croissant, above the choco chip cookie.

Is there any innovation you'd like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?
Make it grant three wishes!

Any other thoughts on the topic?
I need one now! C U L8R!


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