Cupcakes in New Novel: The Untelling

I am loving the great second novel by fellow Southern girl Tayari Jones, The Untelling. I have read about half of it and today I read on page 191:
When my father met my mother, she was eating a frosted cupcake, waiting at the front gate of Spelman for a ride. Daddy was hungry; he hadn't eaten since dinner the night before and it was now three in the afternoon. Mama wore a green dotted swiss skirt that stopped at her knee and white shoes that fastened at the ankle. He said that he remembered the shoes because he was too shy to look in her face while she enjoyed the chocolate cake, because she might look in his eyes and see how hungry he was.

Tayari's reading Friday at Bluestockings (172 Allen St) and Saturday at Chocolat (1325 Fifth Avenue)


Tayari Jones said…
Thanks for the love! And cupcakes are my favorite food. The best: red velvet cupcakes!