Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes By Allison

spicy cupcakes Posted by Hello

Our very own Allison made special spicy chocolate cupcakes.


Rachel said…
They were perfectly sweet and spicy, just like their baker! Thank you so much, they were a total treat (and disappeared very quickly). I heart my fellow cupcake bloggers so much - you guys are awesome.
sugar and spice and everything nice.

that's what little Allison is made of.

the party was so much fun and I loved the chance to make a new and different, "grown-up" cupcake. glad it was a hit!
Martha said…
I am so so sorry I missed this cupcakeathon; this weekend Team GarveyFurman had to do our taxes in Brooklyn, then we took our dog swimming in Connecticut...sure hope my split personality develops soon, so I can be more fun places at the same time!
JellyGirl said…
Hello, I happened to wander here. I adore cupcakes and have recently tried making some on my own but they didn't turn out so good. Would you be able to tell me where I can find a good chocolate cupcake recipe? Thanks!