Who is Betty Crocker?

Today I downloaded this hilarious song by Clare Fader and the Vaudvillians, "Betty Crocker's Bail", so I googled "Betty Crocker" and found something interesting information.

Long before Martha Stewart, there was Betty Crocker.

Betty was created in 1921 after a promotion for Gold Medal flour flooded Washburn Crosby Co. with questions about baking. To answer customers in a more personal manner, the company created a fictitious kitchen expert, pulling the name "Crocker" from a recently retired director of the company and adding the first name "Betty" because it sounded friendly. Washburn Crosby's female employees were asked to submit handwriting samples for Betty's signature and the one selected as "most distinctive" is still Betty's signature today.

You can read more here
Check out the official site of Betty Crocker.


Rachel said…
There's gonna be a book coming out called Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food by Susan Marks, about this very topic.