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Reader Michelle writes in with this report about NewYorkCupcakes in Bellevue, Washington:

"NewYorkCupcakes. This small storefront is in Bellevue Square, one of the upscale shopping malls near Seattle. The store is not much to look at-the atmosphere sucks, but the black/white cupcake with llight chocolate frosting is good. The frosting is more fluffy than I usually like, but it is still acceptable. The cake is better at this store than Cupcake Royale, which is more crumbby and DRY! The frosting is better at Cupcake Royale, though. Sweet. The teens that work there frost and add sprinkles, gummy bears, etc to your cupcake when you order it. The prices are steep. $ 2.30 for ONE cupcake $ $ 2.50 for the half choc/vanilla combo, or $ 1.25 for a mini, but it's just one bite. Overall, worth it if you NEED a cupcake at the mall. Otherwise, make them at home."


Anonymous said…
I am loving NYCupcakes at Bell Sq. So far I have tried the Banana, the lemon and the margerita (lime) and all were divine!

The minis are a great size for me. I take small bites and the richness of the product is enough to make up for the tiny size. I think a full size one would be too much.

I guess next time I will have to try out a chocolate variety.

My daughter is considering having them do her wedding.
Anonymous said…
Great to see that people are enjoying our simple but wonderful product. Working there has been a blast, my co-workers are some of the better people iv had the pleasure meeting.
Thanks for giving us a try!

-C said…
Everybody raved about New York Cupcakes at my friend Terrie's wedding. She held it at my house, and the #1 attraction were those delicious cupcakes. I knew of several guests who gobbled up more than a half-dozen each. One lady couldn't stop eating the strawberry icing'd one.

I'd also like to commend the people at New York Cupcakes. They treated Terrie and I with utmost care, respect, treated us as people, not sells. They took the time to go over the various million flavor options, and when it came time to set up, were at my home on time. They felt like regular guests, too.

A lot of other people will be calling on them because of their fantastic cupcakes.
Anonymous said…
I found these cupcakes to be light and tasty and I loved the fluffy frosting. The staff was very polite. I was also delighted to hear that the cupcakes were made with the finest ingredients, not made with lard, including the frosting. I will absolutly go back.
Anonymous said…
Ya, Angela, sorry but that sounded like you had basically recited a training video, and you obviously own the store. TELL YOU WHAT, let me tell you about the experience I had, and then can I give you some suggestions that will drive the hell out of your business...... One of my friends had purchased a few of the minis and brought them back to his auto repair shop. I tried one, and thought it was pretty good. I was at Bellevue Square Last week, and said to my wife "we have to get a couple of those cupcakes" so we walked all the way accross the mall, and as we entered your store, I noticed your menu, and almost freaked at the prices. Well over $2 FOR A CUPCAKE. Instead of buying a few cupcakes, we ended up walking out, without buying anything. I was actually disappointed, but I just couldn't justify it. I have about 10 ideas that will drive your business THROUGH the roof. If your interested, I will give them to you free of charge. Email
Anonymous said…
I think the place is going down hill a bit lately. Went there twice the last few weeks.

The 1st time they don't have enough icing so only a few icing available... but at least it is good icing. Soft and Creamy. Pr ce is a bit steep but I think it is ok since it really does stand out from the crowd.

Yesterday was terrible. Mall closed at 9 pm and at 5 pm they told me all they have is banana, mocha and straberry icing and white cupcake. Anyway so I orderd the strawberry and banana. The banana icing is HARD and you can feel the sugar bits in them. Kind of close to Safeway standards. The straberry is better but still not as creamy as last time. $5 for 2 safeway quality cupcake is a bit too much for me. The QA really needs some improvement
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Went there on Halloween night since my kid insisted on having one... I was so reluctant to go there since my last few visits were nothing but a total waste of $ (see my post above).

The icing had improved and now they offered a postcard where you get to send in your feedback.

Staff was a lot more courteous than before as well.... We only bought a small one since this place is getting so UNPREDICTABLE on you are getting for some time. And this is NOT CHEAP.

Turns out ok. My wife did not complain nor she said that is SUPER like the 1st time. She did say still a bit sugary... I know nothing about cup cake may be the guy who did the blending on icying need to spend more time on mixing...

Elaine said…
I've been to Cupcake Royale in Ballard several times and also had them at the Vivace's location on Capital Hill. They are alright, but I'd rather get just a NikoNiko at the Vivace just off Boren Ave across from REI....for the same price.

Today was my first visit to New York Cupcake at Bellevue Square and they win hands down. Grading is based on a flavorful, moist, texture, and unique creative flavors. I think the packaging could be a little better, but again, it's at the mall.

We're used to paying $2-$10 for a piece of utterly heavenly handmade caramel, so this wasn't extravagant, just delicious. It is great considering you are eating at the mall for heaven's sake! I was there at 4:00 pm and though it looked like there weren't many flavors left, it ended up working out great because I bought a dozen to taste test. We got: Lemon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mint, Java, Tuxedo, Strawberry & a chocolate one.

These were surprisingly good: The raspberry, the lemon & the tuxedo.

I like the fact that you can get minis especially if you have little ones to feed! What a great idea!!! An ice cream bar is more than $2 anyway, so this isn't overly expensive in my opinion.