Putting the Cup-A-Cake To The Test!

cup-a-cake close-up, originally uploaded by alizinha.

As promised, I have now officially tested the cup-a-cake container and found it to be nothing less than amazing in its ability to preserve and protect your cupcake.

What you see in the photo above is how my cupcake looked after I closed the container and then proceeded to drop it on the floor. Twice.

Only the slightest bit of frosting got rubbed off onto the "grabbers" that hold the cupcake in place, and it also looks like there's plenty of clearance room for "tall" cupcakes (like the hi-hat style) with lots of frosting.

So, for a $2.99 a pop (or 4 for $9.99), I'd say the cup-a-cake container is worth the investment for those who like their cupcake portable.


PAC said…
oh my goodness! what a fantastic idea!! - belle
B. A. Johnson said…
That's so amazing! As the mom to an active two year old, I can imagine lots of play dates made more fuss free and easy by this nifty device. No more smushed treats. My daughter will love that. So glad someone invented it. I am going to stock up!- Beverly, Romantic Lingerie and more
Anonymous said…
But look--now a way to transport many at one time: http://cupcakecourier.com/