240 wedding cupcakes


margaret said…
Thanks for posting those beautiful photos...you are an inspiration! I notice this was an outdoor reception. What kind of frosting(s) did you use? Thanks!
robyn said…

I used mostly buttercream frosting and it held up fairly well (although it was a warm day). I did frost them the day before and they hardened up a smidge which helped keep the frosting from visibly separating.

1/3 of the cupcakes had a marshmallow frosting that I was less thrilled with flavor-wise but it held up perfectly in the heat. Italian meringue is also a good performer in hot humid weather.
margaret said…
I really appreciate your input. I used a classic French buttercream recently that tasted great; but even though I refrigerated them a day in advance, the frosting quickly collapsed in the heat. Thanks to you, now I'll start experimenting with Italian meringue.