Our funniest cupcake interview yet: Jon Friedman

Seriously, a word to the wise - don't read this interview while, say, eating or drinking, or you're liable to choke or spit all over your computer. Also, um, he's a comedian, even though he didn't put that under occupation. You might pick up on that while reading this interview (which was done, let me just add, via email). There's also a photo that we'll be adding soon, once I can figure out how to get it online.

Name: Jon Friedman
Age: 28
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Writer / Producer
URL: www.tremendousrabbit.com

How often do you eat cupcakes?

I've eaten 61 cupcakes. No, that is not a tribute to Roger Maris.

What's the best thing about eating cupcakes?

They are a self-contained individualized cake. A cupcake is yours and no one else's. This is my cupcake James! Get out of here! You already had yours. Hey! James is grabbing at my cupcake, he's smashing it! He's cutting his arm with the knife!!

What's your favorite type of cupcake?

I'm really into the hamcake. It's a cupcake but with a tiny slice of ham inside. Hamcakes. I just like to say ham whenever I can. My favorite type of cupcake is not too spongey and has chocolate.

How do cupcakes compare/contrast to other baked goods for you?

I like baked goods. I'll be honest though, I don't often buy baked goods on my own. They are the type of thing that are a special treat. I'll have baked goods when they are supplied for me. Like at a party or event. I'll reach for the cupcake first. I love the combination of icing and cake bottom. You don¹t get that with the donut. Although sometimes there is stuff inside the donut. That's cool. Muffins are decent. Did you see my bag? I had a little black bag here. Where's my bag? Seriously. Where's my butler? Jones!? Jones!! I need you! --Are you Greek?

Is there any innovation you'd like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?

Sometimes I wish cupcakes were bigger. Like very big so people can take slices from it and share it after singing. I'm just kidding, I'm describing cake! I have figured out that cake was invented before cupcakes. Because if cupcakes were invented first then they would¹ve been called "cake" and cake would be called "platecakes." You can quote me on that on your computer journal. What are those things called? Cojo's?

Do you bake your own cupcakes? Or (even better) have someone who bakes them for you?

I've never really baked my own cupcakes. I did once try to make banana bread. I accidentally used salt instead of sugar. I did not realize it until I tasted the mix. It burned like a mother! That was disappointing because I was doing so well. I went through the rest of the process and finished baking it anyway. It looked so delicious when it was done. I tried to have a slice. It was horrendous. Salt and sugar look so much alike.

What's your first cupcake-related memory?

My family had gone over to a neighbor¹s house early on to wait it out. I remember having to tape up the windows before we left. It was fun and exciting but also scary. I did feel safe though --like we were hiding from danger. I was young and we got to miss school. I clearly remember my father describing what the "eye" was while we looked out. What? Oh, I thought you were asking me about Hurricane Gloria. Cupcake related? Probably some kid brought some in for his birthday in second grade or something.

What's the most fun you've ever had with a cupcake?

Aahahahhahahahahaaahaha! I once took a cupcake to the New York Hall of Science. That was fun. We learned about principles of motion, sound, and sight. Well I learned about them. A cupcake can't learn.