Birmingham, Alabama article, "Cupcake Caper"

Thanks to our reader Kiera for alerting us to this article: "Cupcake Caper"

Anne Byrn knows a need when she sees it. Several years ago, she realized that many cooks still wanted to make cakes, but they were frustrated by lack of time and experience.

Byrn solved that as she anointed herself the "The Cake Mix Doctor," and with a book that sold hundreds of thousands of copies, she taught cooks how to make cakes almost-from-scratch that looked and tasted like homemade.

She then wrote "The Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor and "The Dinner Doctor," both of which answered needs of many of today's cooks...

Molly Holston, who turns 4 this month, is particularly fond of putting sprinkles on cupcakes, ice cream or any number of other treats. She delighted in helping her mom and Byrn a hand in decorating cupcakes. Molly even did some decorating of cupcakes for her dad, Scott, and her sisters, Lauren and Bailey.


Nichelle said…
B'ham is my hometown
The Ryan Family said…
That's where I'm from, too. I'm the one who sent in the article link. It was posted in the paper down here!