Reader seeks Tinkerbell topping

I am trying to help plan a fundraiser that has a tinkerbell theme.  We would like to have cupcakes with a tinkerbell on top (either a pick, or topper, or candy, pretty much anything cute that is tinkerbell themed).  I have searched ebay, google, Disney, all over to see if I could find this kind of tinkerbell cupcake decoration, but haven’t found anything perfect.  Do you have any recommendations on either  tink ideas specifically or other ways to do custom decorating?  I would be tremendously grateful.


Anonymous said…
If you don't end up finding the right Tinkerbell cupcake decorations, you can always cover the tops with the various edible glitters that are available and call them "fairy dust" cupcakes. Or "fairy dust fairy cakes"?
: )
Bek said…
Aggghhhh, I just had a Tinkerbell birthday party for my 5 year old. I had the SAME problem.

I ended up using green "fairy dust" on white frosting and star shaped sugar cookies (smallish) baked w/ a lollypop stick in it. I tied a few purple and green thin ribbons on the stick and tied a very small bell to the ribbon (it sounds much more complicated then it really was). It looked like a wand. You could also use edible gold dust.....I have also seen foam stars that could be your "wands" or you could even do the Tinkerbell "shoe". Use the tiny wedding slippers from a wedding supply store and put a yellow pompom on it.

Yesterday in Target I saw several Tinkerbell ornaments (mostly balls w/ her picture on it) but there was a tree topper of Tinkerbell. Maybe you could do some sort of cupcake tree on cakestands and put the big Tinkerbell on top w/ the cupcakes w/ wands on the stands. I guess this wouldn't work if you were going to plate the cakes.....

How many are you making? I have noticed that there is lots of Tinkerbell Christmas stuff in the stores now (like Target). McDonalds just did a Disney Happy Meal promo that had a small tinkerbell.....If you find yourself needing Tinkerbell graphic, I have just made a huge file of them, e mail me and I will send it to you if you want.

I cater and have had many times when the right thing just didn't exist. I feel your pain. Good Luck.
Anonymous said…
Where is one able to find Edible Fairy Dust in Cape Town.
Jo said…
I'd also like to know if there is anywhere to buy edible fairy dust or glitter in South Africa. Does anyone know?