Cupcake Interview: Jessica Su

Jessica Su

Name: Jessica Su
Age: 23
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: writer/reporter
Link to site: Su Good Sweets

How often do you eat cupcakes?
About once a month. If there's a birthday in the office, chances are there are cupcakes.

What's the best thing about eating cupcakes? It's mine, all mine, and I don't have to share! It's built-in portion control, and I love scraping the liner against my teeth. I don't want to waste any cupcake goodness. I also love being able to lick some frosting off the top (or dip my finger in it) and still have enough frosting for every bite.

What's your favorite type of cupcake?
Anything with chocolate. Preferably chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

Favorite place to get cupcakes?
Different bakeries have different strengths. The chocolate cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine wins for its moist, delicate texture. But it doesn't taste chocolately enough for me. The vanilla cupcake from Buttercup Bakeshop wins for most buttery cupcake. Their chocolate cupcake, however, doesn't hold together. Magnolia has good frosting and cake overall, but it's not the best. I actually think the best cupcakes are made at home, with real butter and vanilla. No shortening, margarine, vanillin or boxed mixes. They're very easy to make, too!

How do cupcakes compare/contrast to other baked goods
for you?
Generally, I prefer richer desserts, like blackout cake, flourless chocolate cake, or my own Nutella cake or macaroons. But I do like good-quality cupcakes (see note above for my criteria), especially if I want to feel like a kid again.
Is there any innovation you'd like to see made to thecupcake that would improve it for you?

I wish the frosting wouldn't dry out or develop a skin on top. It's so unattractive to bite into a cupcake and have the frosting crack.

Any other thoughts on the topic?
I think the proliferation of cupcake shops in New York has convinced people that they must BUY cupcakes. Like I said before, the best cupcakes are homemade, so get back in the kitchen! It's not a mysterious process. Just make any standard cake recipe and use an ice cream scoop to put it in paper cups. Bake for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees and viola!


Susie Felber said…
I recently hired Su Good Sweets to help cater a party I threw in Manhattan and I can heartily recommend them.

But if you don't like delicious things -- definitely steer clear of this lady!