This photo kindof says it all

Burgers & Cupcakes
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Our joint outing with A Hamburger Today was a complete success! We packed the restaurant, ate delicious food, gorged ourselves on cupcakes, made new friends, and closed out the place. We also discovered that they do serve veggie and portabello mushroom burgers, have fun burger and cupcake art on the walls, only serve fresh cupcakes (they were giving out samples on the street at the end of the night), and plan to open two more Burgers and Cupcakes in NYC, plus other business plans that shall be revealed soon. Look for our interview with Nance of Burgers and Cupcakes soon as well.

This photo was taken by Adam Kuban of A Hamburger Today, and you can see more of his photos on Flickr.

Our friend Brian Van also took 39 yummy photos; Brian's are mostly of people eating/talking, while Adam's have several food closeups. We'll be posting more as well. For those who were there, feel free to leave comments.

We have more outings planned, including a cupcake picnic later this summer, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
awesome event, ladies.