Felt Cupcake

Felt Cupcake
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This handcrafted cupcake was made by our friend, artist and illustrator Diana Schoenbrun. It is soft and squishy, handstitched and crafted from recycled felt, ultrasuede, fleece, upholstery fabric, and a pom pom.
If you are interested in having one made, contact us and Diana will make one for you. Cupcake are $50.


Anonymous said…
Ok, that cupcake is so cute! But I gotta say, the real turn off was the fact that I made one just like that, (if not prettier) for about 4 dollars in supplies at the craft store. Honestly, I don't know what you're trying to pull, and I'm only 13 years old, but I have the pattern for cupcakes just like that on my website. And I make them as gifts. For fun, not profit. Seeing cakes just like mine for sale at such a completely OUTRAGEOUS price just breaks my heart. If any people would like cupcakes just like those at the price of only 6 dollars, please email me at catscratch_bluemoon@yahoo.com. I make each one carefully, stitch by stitch, no glue, just strong durable needle and thread. I will be happy to customise orders any way you like, so feel free to contact me! All of my profits go toward my college fund, so you know it's a good cause! I appreciate any constructive criticism, *or compliments if you like!* So you know my email is always open! Thank you!!!
-Ashtyn H.