Wedding cupcake tower by Bijoux Doux

Originally uploaded by kambricrews.
Photo by Aarona Pichinson

Kambri Crews got this wedding cupcake tower and customized cupcakes from Bijoux Doux, which bills itself as "New York City's finest wedding and specialty cake company."

Here's what Kambri had to say about getting the tower:

"The reason we went with a traditional wedding cake baker rather than say Sugar Sweet Sunshine or Magnolia (both of whom I contacted first) is because the cupcake bake shops don't do set up or delivery. They will make bulk cupcakes at your request but then it's up to you to pick them up, rent a cupcake tree, set up, break down, etc.

A traditional bakery that specializes in weddings, which is what Bijoux Doux does, will handle everything for you. That service is, of course, reflective in the price per cupcake but it's all worth it if you don't have a car or van for transporting or someone to handle it for you on your wedding day. Trust me, it was worth every penny to not have to deal with any of it.

You know, I actually did scour your cupcake blog for info on how to do cupcakes at a wedding. You and my mom both gave me the idea to have that instead of a wedding cake and I was surprised to find that the little cupcake shops don't cater weddings. When I found that out, I had to find a regular baker who was surprised that I hadn't contacted one sooner. It was literally just two and half weeks before the party when I called her."