better than sex cupcakes

better than sex cupcakes
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This isn't a naughty cupcake (unless you want it to be) - "better than sex cake" is an actual thing, and this recipe was used by

It features:

yellow cake with pineapple, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, coconut, and walnuts :


C-Section said…
Hey Rachel-
Just emailed you about Sweet N Sassy cupcakes in Delaware. I felt this post was very relevant to them being as they have tshirts that say Naughty Cupcake. I think you will really like what we have going on.

Thanks again. Congratulations on all your success you smell terrific.
Anonymous said…
I love your blog! It makes me want to bake and eat cupcakes! Thank you for making my tummy growl!
thanks for the post :)