Cupcakes and cancer controversy

Apparently, there's a brouhaha over cancer med manufactururer AstraZeneca giving out pink cupcakes to promote women getting mammograms:

AstraZeneca, which sells the Arimidex, Abraxane and Faslodex cancer meds, is taking a page out of the Hallmark playbook: using Mother’s Day to boost business. The drugmaker is distributing material to its sales force about MUMS - Mothers United For Mammograms, an effort to raise awareness about the need for the test.

The internal documents, which was put together by the oncology team, emphasize a pink theme: pink carnations and pink-frosted cupcakes should be available to women in doctors’ offices and hospitals, along with pink Arimidex bags in which info can be stuffed.

Here's an excerpt from the documents:

“Refreshments and food will help attract patients to the table. Cupcakes are easier for patients to handle and less messy than a cake. Have them made with pink frosting. Coordinate with the office for refreshments. Some offices provide waiting patients with coffee and sodas."

Here's one take on it from Pharma Marketing Blog and another from Pharmalot.


Peter Rost said…
Don't miss most recent update. AstraZenca has now issued a policy prohibiting pink cupcakes to patients.