New Newark, Delaware bakery: Sweet-N-Sassy Cupcakes

A new and very special bakery has opened in Newark, Delaware called Sweet-N-Sassy Cupcakes. They're going for a luscious, sexy vibe, and are open late into the night to satisfy those midnight (and post-midnight) cupcake urges.

Here's what they have to say for themselves:

We make the most delicious cupcakes you have ever tasted. And we stay open late. Stop in on your way out of the bars. One of our triple chocolate cupcakes at 2am is scientifically proven to be more satisfying than going home with someone.

And here's an article about them from Cecil Whig.

The cupcakes are made from cream, butter and eggs that arrive fresh from a nearby dairy every day. Callebaut Belgian chocolate, vanilla from Madagascar, and other fine ingredients also go into the classy cupcakes. In its first week, the shop sold between 500 and 1,000 cupcakes per day.

The cupcakes cost $2.50 a piece, but the sumptuous price didn’t deter stylish twentysomethings from flooding the store on a recent temperate Friday afternoon. Sitting at cafĂ© tables inside and outside, customers sipped lemonade from blue bottles and intermittently crammed cupcake corners into their mouths while trying not to dot their noses with the frosting.


Anonymous said…
Sarahe said…
they really are soooo delicious.
i had them at a wedding recently and have been craving them ever since!!

check out the website

Anonymous said…
These cupcakes really aren't worth it!!!!!! WAY OVERPRICED!! It costs at least $2.50 for a little cupcake.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic cupcakes and wonderful owners. I've been into the shop 3 times now and everyone is so friendly. The cupcakes are awesome and they package and gift wrap everything so it looks even more adorable. Worth every penny!
foilamy said…
I visited Sweet n Sassy for the 1st time today and wow. I was very impressed, not only with the cupcakes but the entire store. What a great idea. Love this place I will be back
Anonymous said…
I have to say I LOVE Sweet-N-Sassy. The first time I ever had one my boyfriends mom brought some up (I live in New Jersey). Now any time I go down and visit I HAVE to buy some. Yum Yum!
Anonymous said…
Adorable shop! I want to LICK the whole place! :hee hee hee: Cupcakes are, indeed, pricey, but the frosting shots are PERFECT for my 4 year old who always eats the best part of the cupcake! The Lemon/lemon is divine!!!
Anonymous said…
I went to Sas Cupcakes shop for the first time and Loved it!
What an amazing place I want to buy everything in there...including ALL the cupcakes. Wow- the party I want to plan with all those cool idea's and accessories they sell. I wish I could just hold my shindig right there at the store as it wasssss ROCKIN!