CRUMBS Sponsors Cupcake Fun At The Hamptons

Super Saturday At The Hamptons
Originally uploaded by candiedyams. (Photos by J. Bauer)

CRUMBS Bakeshop sponsored a fun event at Super Saturday in The Hamptons which was a fundraiser for ovarian cancer. Lucky kids had the opportunity to decorate and frost cupcakes. The Sopranos' Edie Falco and Designer Shosanna Lonstein Gruss attended with their kids to join in on the fun!

There is a CRUMBS in East Hampton, 35 Newtown Lane.


Unknown said…
Crumbs RULES! Open in Las Vegas, please!
Do you guys have a store in NY? I just spotted the Hamptons post. You must be local! I have been looking for a cupcake shop on LI.
Nichelle said…
I don't think Crumbs has a location out in The Hamptons, but you can always their site.
Anonymous said…
There is a location in East Hampton. Check the website for exact address.
Nichelle said…
I stand corrected.