Cupcakes on the Sex and the City tour

The article by The Village Voice's Robert Siestema is called "Cupcakes and Dildos," but it's not what that might's his take on the Sex and the City tour. Here's the relevant cupcake bit:

There we passed the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, a sidewalk café where Carrie and Miranda both discovered their exes drinking with new girlfriends. We stopped next at Hudson and Bank. Trooping out, the fans were offered a choice of small, colorfully frosted cupcakes from a box on a park bench. "These are from Magnolia Bakery," Emily had said, gesturing toward the famous cupcake bakery across the street, itself a location for the show. But later, when she caught us poking through the garbage and examining the cupcake box, Emily confessed to the entire bus that the cupcakes weren't really from Magnolia, but from Butter Cup Bakery. (Magnolia limits customers to a dozen cupcakes a day.) She assured us they'd been made with the same recipe by the former partner of Magnolia's current owner. We felt ashamed for bursting her bubble.