A gorgeous vegan cupcake

vegany goodness
Originally uploaded by Heather Corinna
My friend Heather Corinna made this cupcake, adapting it from a recipe from the super-popular cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. On Flickr, Heather wrote:

"When you're down and out, you can always bake cupcakes." Indeed!

On her blog and in this photo's comments, she elaborates on what went into them, so bakers, check that part out if you want to recreate this masterpiece. She lists cupcake baking as #1 on her list of "Seven Ways to Cheer Up When You're Feeling Eight Below:"

1. Make something completely decadent with items already in your cupboard. Thankfully, even when I’m living extra-lean, there are always baking basics lying around here: cooking and baking are important balms for me. Cocoa, shortening, sugars, flour: check. What else is here? Hmmm…arrowroot powder, a bag of forzen cherries, some pinot noir not so good fro drinking, but fine for cooking, an influx of balsamic. Voila!*

Enjoy the first cupcake, while it’s still a little warm, by yourself and Ooh and Ahh out loud. Then call a couple of people who you know will also delight in a simple bout of vegan decadence, and share cupcakes with them on the porch during a perfect summer evening. Done!


Vanessa said…
Good God yes!