More British Cupcakes: Hummingbird Bakery and Outsider Tart

Our friend Heidi tipped us off to my British cupcakes from Humming Bird Bakery and Outsider Tart. Hummingbird's site's all flashed out so I can't figure out how to grab a photo, but go have a look, they're gorgeous.

Says Urban Junkies:

First, there's the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington and Notting Hill, which looks more like a nightclub than a bakery, with all the crowds queuing outside. Further rock credentials confirmed with their launch party which carried on at Boujii's - so more pomegranate martini than pot of tea.

But making it down there can be a bit of a trek, which is why we're so pleased about Outsider Tart. Business and life-partners David Lesniak and David Muniz make a host of the most delectable goods, including brownies, muffins, biscuits, scones and cakes.

The Davids are originally American, so there are a lot of stateside treats on the menu, like Sweet Potato pie and the Red Velvet cake, from the southern US, which features chocolate layers and mascarpone icing.

And the best part is, the cupcakes are interesting (banana bread and carrot cake), the icing is in sophisticated tones, and the packaging is divine; think of them as the Net A Porter for cakes and you'd be close.

Hummingbird offers vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes, as well as mini cupcakes and daily flavors, which include Lavender, Mint Chocolate, Carrot, Black Bottom, Peanut Toffee and Cappuccino on Saturday, and Strawberry and Caramel Heart on Sunday.

Outsider Tart has cupcake flavor ssuch as Apple Caramel, Lime, Natilla, Heaven Sent, Oatmeal Caramel, Caramel Pecan, Praline, Maple Pecan, and Maple Maple!

To both bakeries - send us some photos and we'd be happy to post them! cupcakestakethecake at


Anonymous said…

Some reviewers from CupcakeFetish did a London cupcake crawl about a month ago. We reviewed Primrose Bakery, Bake-a-Boo, and Hummingbird Bakery. You can see the reviews by following those links.
Anonymous said…
When I was living in London a year ago, I was in HummingBird practically every week! I even bought a box of them to have on the plane home. Amazing!
M'nMs said…
Love Hummingbird! Just discovered it in South Ken and no lines whenever I have been. Have a picture on my blog....