New NYC cupcake store coming soon

News of a new cupcake shop coming to NYC, Pichet Ong, owner and executive chef of NYC dessert bar P*ONG (via Grub Street):

What's next on the horizon for you? Any new ventures or restaurants in the works? Spill the beans…
I'm actually doing a cupcake shop next door: vanilla, chocolate, yuzu & cinammon will be my staples. I want to add a little salt & spice to my take on them. I'll also be doing seasonal specials, but those are my everyday flavors.

What's your take on frosting then?
I prefer butter over shortening, better flavor.


Anonymous said…
While desserting at ChikaLicious last week, learned that ChikaLicious Puddin' is under construction across from ChikaLicious Dessert Bar.
This is exciting!! :)
Anonymous said…
Can't wait!!! Bread Puddin, downtown!!!! Yummmmmm!