Northeast Ohio's Main Street Cupcakes

Northeast Ohio's got a new cupcake bakery in Hudson called Main Street Cupcakes. We'll be posting an interview with them soon, but for now, some photos and their flavor offerings:

New Flavors

MSC Mojito - White rum cake with hints of mint and lime covered in vanilla buttercream with a Mojito buttercream garnish

Chocolate Raspberry - Dark chocolate cake flavored with raspberry topped with raspberry buttercream frosting

The Bellini - Our white cake flavored with peach and champagne topped with our Bellini buttercream frosting garnished with a Strawberry Buttercream

Strawberry Kiwi - White cake with fresh strawberry and kiwi covered in a lime buttercream frosting

Chocolate Coconut - Dark chocolate cake mixed coconut and topped with a coconut buttercream frosting

Chocolate Orange - Dark chocolate cake mixed with fresh mandarin oranges covered in an orange buttercream

Filled Cupcakes

Filling has begun. We started with the Chocolate Lava, Vanilla Sundae and Half Baked. Keep checking back to see what new combinations we come up with.


Anonymous said…
I was so happy when they opened this year! I was in the middle of investigating what it would take to start up a cupcake bakery myself in Kent, but really not sure I could pull it off. I just missed cupcakes so much (NYC transplant).

The mocha cupcakes with vanilla frosting are to die for. Heaven, I tell you.
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Darla said…
Kelly: Wanted to let you know there is a new Cupcake Shoppe in Kent, Ohio. Called Heavenly Cupcakes. Been open since June.It is in the University Plaza where the movie theathers are. The cupcakes are great and the shoppe is so so Cute. You should stop by and give it a try.
Thanks, Darla
DAngelos Delights said…
We are also located in Kent but alas we do not yet have a storefront. You can see us on Facebook or at our website - You can get single cupcakes from our various festival appearances including the Strawberry Festival, Bedford Street party or the Streetsboro Home days.