San Francisco's cupcake craze

Grace Chen of investigates San Francisco's cupcake bakeries:

Encased behind protective glass counters like diamonds in a jewelry store, displays of cupcakes may soon become not only a girl’s new best friend, but also everyone’s new guiltiest indulgence. Like diamonds, these baked creations come in different sizes. They glisten with buttercream and Italian meringue frosting. Colors and brilliancy range from vanilla white to pearly pink. Best of all, they come in their own version of Tiffany boxes without the Tiffany prices.

San Francisco jumps into the cupcake craze offering a kaleidoscope of flavors to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Armed with a pack of Bikram Yoga classes to minimize the caloric intake, I charged into bakeries and patisseries to “research” as many edible treasures as I could find.

The piece covers Citizen Cupcake and Citizen Cake, Miette Patisserie, Kara's Cupcakes, and DeLessio's Market.

San Franciscans - what's your favorite?


None of them, so far! I've been on a quest to find the Bay Area's best cupcake, with little luck. Check out my cupcake adventures at my blog:
Aryn said…
I just visited SF and managed to squeeze in 3 cupcake places - my favorite BY FAR was Love at First Bite in Berkeley. Citizen Cupcake's were very good. Kara's were ok, but way overpriced, and I didn't like the frosting.