Supercute ladybut cupcakes

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From JustCupcakes!

Vanilla cake finished with red vanilla buttercream and topped with 3 chocolate lady bug candies.


my sweet tooth said…
That frosting looks amazing!
How cute, but then you have to take them apart in order to eat them because of the foil. Sad.
Sweet! said…
Thanks ladies for blogging my cupcakes!

I'm new into the cupcake martket, based in Melbourne, Australia, and will be officially launching my product sometime in August... wish me luck!

Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
The cupcakes look so great!!
I'm a cupcake n cookie lover that LOVES to bake.. just wondering where u ppl got those cupcake take-out containers with pockets to place cupcakes. I can't seem to find any.
Tks for ya help!!=)