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American Candy Stand, in Australia

We recently received the above photo along with the info below:

To the cupcake gang,

Hi my name is Debbie and I run a small business from home at the Rundle Street Markets in Adelaide , Australia . Small business that has just taken off beyond my belief, I now sell 380 cupcakes, over 100 slices of chocolate fudge and 50 peanut butter cups (all home baked from scratch) at the market on a Sunday. It’s a beautiful market to be at and we get very busy, I have my die hard cupcake fans coming back week after week.

As I said we also sell fudge but the cupcakes have taken over the stall as I think they may take over the world of cakes. Suits me I just adore these special little cups of surprise they make one feel very special.

The stall name is the ‘American Candy Stand’ which started last year when we were due to do a big Christmas Fair and found out at the last minute that there were four other fudge stalls booked at the fair. I needed to come up with something special, something different that would draw a crowd to my stall. I was on the internet looking up interesting recipes when I discovered some of the most delicious recipes came from American style flavours like, peanut butter and Oreo. We sold 10 flavours of fudge, (Peanut Butter, Oreo, Caramel, Coffee and Rocky Road ), peanut butter cups, Oodles Kadoodles, Snicker Doodles and Cake / cookies in a jar (these made great gifts). The fair was and absolute success and things progressed from there.
I do have people from the states sometimes come up to the stall and ask “what makes it American”? What people from the states might not understand is that we Aussie’s from the land down under don’t regularly indulge in peanut butter and chocolate together nor do we have the great Oreo cookie as our standard biscuit (cookie) so these delicious treats are of a great interest and something very different for our taste buds.

February this year sticking to the candies and flavours I was researching into on the net I discovered the craze that had hit the states with people queuing up to an hour just to get a cupcake: I was onto something new and exciting. I had always enjoyed baking ever since I was a little girl helping my grandmother bake goodies for shops in Adelaide .
The first week I made 4 dozen and sold out within 3 hours and I have progressed from there, currently I sell on average of 380 cupcakes and I have people from all over the world visiting my stall, buying cupcakes and taking photos to remember their visit.
Flavours include: Peanut butter brownie fudge (my signature cupcake) a brownie cake with a layer of crunchy peanut butter a layer of chocolate ganache topped with a ¼ peanut butter cup, Oreo cookies and cream, Cookie dough, Vanilla and strawberry, White eyed Susan, Double chocolate fudge, White mud cake with raspberries & white chocolate cream cheese frosting, Red velvet with cream cheese frosting, Lemon meringue, Banana caramel, Purple passion with blueberries & lavender butter cream frosting, Chocolate Bavarian custard, Choc mint, Choc orange, Coffee walnut and Caramel snickers, just a few of the total 25 flavours available.

I have forward some photos for you to enjoy and I will keep in contact with more updates.
By the way I love your web site and visit it everyday.

Debbie Evangelatos


RockerJewlz said…
Amazing sale, Debbie! It's just awesome what is happening with cupcakes these days.

I have "baking" also by turning handmade glass cupcake beads into jewelry.

They are so very cute and can be seen at


Julie V