"I don't do cupcakes" t-shirt

" Slogan T-shirt finds a new generation of enthusiasts among mothers," The Journal News

Beth Feldman, a 37-year-old New Rochelle mom and public relations executive, sells a T-shirt with the message "I don't do cupcakes" on her Role Mommy Web site.

The idea came from the real-life experience of being snubbed at a school bake sale for bringing Dunkin' Donuts, a story she tells in her book, "Peeing in Peace: Tales and Tips for Type A Moms."

"Women who can relate to what we're all going through are going to laugh when they see the shirts," Feldman said. "You don't want to take yourself too seriously."

Young moms also want to look cute, and hot if possible. The "cupcakes" shirt might have a feminist message, but it also has pink glitter and rhinestones.

"There are a lot of women who have left the work force who are full-time moms, and you still want to be a hip mom," Feldman said.


Beauty Chick said…
So funny! I love it. I can think of tons of people who would wear this with pride (and a bit of irony)
Why would other mothers give you a hard time for not baking something? If you make it from a box anyhow, what's the difference in letting someone else making it from a box.

But I still like cupcakes.
Natalie said…
I'm a cool mom and I totally do cupcakes. I understand the message, but I think the fact that I'm raising my son, going to school and baking cupcakes (from scratch) is pretty damn feminist too. So maybe the Bake & Destroy shirts I made are the counter point to the "I don't do cupcakes" shirt?
I'm not a mom, but I just sold my cupcake bakery, so I totally bought one! Love it. LOL

(formerly of Cake Fetish)
Susy K said…
um...i'm against this shirt because it is anti-cupcake.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious post! I blogged about it on our website DunkinDonutsTalk.com.
Natalie said…
Ha ha ha Suzy K! Me too!
Hi there - it's Beth Feldman the I Don't Do Cupcakes gal. Thanks so much for spreading the word about our tees and...if you want to read my I Don't Do Cupcakes saga, then check out my new book Peeing in Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms. And I'd never put down a mom who actually loves to bake cupcakes and does it well - it's the pepto bismol baking brigade that I'm trying to rub out.

Happy Labor Day!