Cupcakes and comics (inspired by Natalie Dee's awesomeness)

Natalie Dee is a fabulous comics artist, and here are two of hers that relate to cucpakes.

Natalie Dee

Natalie Dee

If you know of any other cupcake-themed comics, let us know.

Here's what I've found:

The Comics Bakery

Hostess comic book ads started running in 1977 and ran for five years; check out a bunch of them at

Cupcakes in the comic Goats by Jonathan Rosenberg

a comic strip called The Extraneous Cupcakes

a comics bake sale


She offers a t-shirt with one on it... I bought it, and it's been my favorite shirt since it arrived in the mail!
Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes said…
We also have cupcake comics on our vegan cupcake blog!