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Inspired by the news tidbit below, our question for you is: How many cupcakes have you ever eaten at a time (in one morning, afternoon, or evening)? How many is too many when it comes to eating cupcakes? Do you have a horror story about eating too many cupcakes?

I'll share mine: I went to a Melcher Media book party for Clare Crespo's Hey There, Cupcake! (the book that inspired this blog). I thought they'd be serving dinner in addition to cupcakes, but alas, it really was all cupcakes, all the time. Cupcakes spread around inside, cupcakes dotting the patio in the back. They were yummy ones too, I believe vanilla/vanilla from Billy's Bakery. Anyway, I was ravenous and so had two at the party. Then it was time to leave and we were encouraged to take some extras. I was going to see my favorite band play later that night, so took some for them.

But cupcakes are hard to resist...especially the frosting. I found myself picking at the gift cupcakes, first a little fingerful of yummy frosting, then more. and more and more. I wasn't eating them whole, but slowly I realized I was making a mess of my remaining cupcakes. I think over the course of the night I ate almost five of them and let me state here, for the record, DO NOT EAT FIVE CUPCAKES IN ONE NIGHT. I felt bloated, gross, almost nauseous. It was not pretty, and I didn't even get to giv any to the band. Lesson learned. One is usually plenty, or sometimes two. I enjoy sharing, where someone gets one flavor and I get another and we taste or trade.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Kara's Cupcakes, which is on Scott Street in the Marina at Ghirardelli Square, received an order for 233 dozen cupcakes, which is four short of 2,800 and a whole lot of cupcakes. The sweet treats - flosslessly delivered - were an orthodontist's way of saying thanks for patient referrals to 233 dentists from Daly City to the Financial District.


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I've had three cupcakes before during the course of an evening. It was in lieu of dinner and they were just too delicious to resist. I didn't get sick, but I did feel icky for eating that many.
Anonymous said…
A few months ago, I had been wanting to bake something sweet from the Amy Sedaris cookbook "I Like You (Hospitality Under the Influence)". So I decided to try the recipe for her famous cupcakes, which were voted second-best in New York City by New York Magazine.

Now, the cakes were a different consistency than I was used to, and the frosting was a little runny since I made it with 2% milk instead of half-and-half, but there was something terribly addicting about these little cakes. I started out with two while they were still a little warm, then about 30 minutes later, came back for another one, and then before bed had two more. One night - five cupcakes.

Man were those things good.

You can find the recipe for free at this link:
Anonymous said…
Probably five, when I was on a cupcake tour of NY or LA. Although some of those were halves. Suffice to say, I felt gross.
chimaerandi said…
I ate 6 in a row the day of my 21st birthday. They were delicious, and so worth the sugar rush/stomach ache that followed.

In fact, my buddy recently pointed this blog out to me because he knows of my cupcake love.
Amanda said…
i've found that if i keep breaking up the sweetness of the sugar with something salty and more protien-filled, i can eat quite a few cupcakes without being too ill. that being said, there was one fateful night when a half dozen cupcakes were my only company. that did not end so well...
noisy penguin said…
We had cupcakes for our wedding cake. When we went to have a tasting, my husband and I went through about six cupcakes of various flavors. I ate the majority of about 4 of them, and half of the other two. I felt pretty gross for the rest of the day.
Anonymous said…
A cupcake story that sticks out in my mind was year 2 of university, exam time.

I tend to crave sugar when I'm stressed. I walked a half-hour to the nearest bakery that would be open late.

The 24/7's selection was poor. Gritty icing, a stale cake and bland confetti sprinkles. But I bought the box anyway, snuck into an empty classroom and devoured the package in one sitting. 6 medium-sized cupcakes. I felt gross and was high on the sugar.

Anonymous said…
Alright, so I made angel food cake cupcakes with Lemon frosting one night in my dorm room right? Now, I was REALLY stressed out with finals. I had just had an awful study session at the library and it was seriously either the cupcakes or my window 12 stories above the street. Anyway, I started eating just one...but they were so yummy and cute and tiny and the more I ate...the better I felt. Well by the end of my nosh, I might have eaten all 12 :/ oops. HOWEVER, the sugar gave me a burst of energy I was desperately in need of. I stayed up ALL night studying and got an A on my final exam. Once again, cupcakes save the world.
Liz said…
I think the most is 4 or 5? No, I am lying. Probably more like a dozen in the course of one night. I mean... in the middle of law school finals, you NEED something to soak up all the coffee you are drinking to keep you up all night, right?
Anonymous said…
i had one cupcake at lunch last friday, one piece of cake after giant pizza dinner, then saturday, more cake, then Sunday, more cupcakes, monday-more cake. I took a break Tuesday and wednesday i had another cupcake. It was my 40th on Sunday so I had to drown my sorrows in frosting and baked treats! but ick, watch out after you eat black frosting!!
casey said…
i never had a 21st birthday party, which really depressed me. so i spent the months leading up to my 22nd planning a bash. i had all sorts of good stuff to eat, and great wine and beer (plus some pabst blue ribbon to balance it all out). everything was awesome- except, only 12 people came. now, that may sound like a good ol' time, but the thing was, this was over the course of seven hours (i started early, so the people who have early work schedules could make it). i had ordered 24 delicious cupcakes from the awesome bakery down the street, and after the evening was over, i had 19 left. 19 cupcakes! every time i looked at those plates (yes, there were two plates of cupcakes left over), i got more and more depressed. my husband begged me not to let the number of cupcakes left over be a standard by which i judge my worth, but i couldn't help it. if i had more friends (out of the dozen guests, nine were family), i wouldn't have these calorific treats sitting on my fine china. it was thoroughly upsetting, both to experience and to watch. my solution was to eat the cupcakes. if they weren't there anymore, i wouldn't have to think about how unpopular i was. over the course of the next two days, both of which i had off from work, i consumed eighteen of the sugary confections, sprinkles, frosting and all (my husband ate one). to my surprise, i did not feel better about myself after this, but rather found that i had one more standard by which to judge my worth, and i was not doing well. for my 23rd birthday, i am making a pot of vegetable soup.