Beautiful cupcake necklace at Etsy

From Etsy seller sudlow (and click here to see all sorts of other Etsy cupcake awesomeness, and stay on the lookout as their merchandise changse all the time)

A dainty little cupcake is the focal piece of this cute little necklace. With silver frosting, a copper cherry and a brass cup. The cup has hammered lines to imitate the crinkly foil. Stamped with my 'sudlow' signature on the back. Hung on an 18" silver plated chain.

Cupcake measures ABOUT .6" (1.5cm) tall with the loop

this specific cupcake normally retails $47, but I'm not as happy with the shape & it's got a little blemish on the right side of the frosting, so it's discounted down to $33

Comes boxed in a little gift box