Columbus Dispatch on Ohio's latest cupcakeries

The Columbus Dispatch has an article highlighting some local bakeries, including Our Cupcakery in Dublin, Ohio and Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery in Powell, Ohio. (Images via Our Cupcakery's site.)

Minutes away in Dublin, the cupcake craze prompted baker Linda Kick to change the name -- and focus -- of her business.

As owner of the former Cottage Bakeware & Cakes, which sold only cupcakes and cakes as advance orders, Kick moved down the street this summer and rechristened her business Our CupCakery.

"I had a lot of people who would stop in and want to buy a cupcake," she said. "We were not a walk-in bakery."

These days, she's working overtime to support the demand for her "cupcake bar" -- a cheery pale-pink room in which walk-in customers (and private parties, too) can step up to a counter, choose a plain cupcake and use pastry bags and ample toppings to decorate their own treats.

Frosting hounds, be warned: Kick charges $1 per ounce for a cupcake. A moderately dressed one will run about $2.50. (The record stands at $8.70, thanks to a sugar-happy youngster.)


Unknown said…
Wow, this is so great to see! Linda made cupcakes for my wedding and they were so, so good and really cute! If you're in the Columbus area I highly recommend trying out her yummy cakes.
These are really great cupcakes. I traveled over 1.5 hours from the Cincinnati area in May to taste their cupcakes and I was not dissappointed. The vanilla vanilla,strawberry and red velvet are to die for.