Cupcakes Get Political

There's a bill in the New York State Assembly to make the cupcake the official New York state snack and protect it from being banned! How wild...cupcakes really are political, so New Yorkers, write to your Assemblyperson and ask that they support this bill.

From "Pol: Save Expelled Cupcake," New York Post, September 28, 2007

The bill is in response to a move by some Long Island districts to ban parents from bringing in cupcakes and other tasty treats to celebrate their kids' birthdays.

Benjamin said that while even his wife thinks his bill encourages childhood obesity, "it's a personal pet peeve of mine that everything that brings warm memories, the muffin mullahs want to cut out of our diet."

"I recognize that there are some overweight children and obesity is a rising problem among some of our children, but it makes no sense that school districts are banning cupcakes parties for little children," he went on.

More in this Fox News article about the bill. We'll keep you updated on this!