Elmo cupcakes!

From Flickr user Ninotchka B, who says:

I had them made at SuperTarget bakery (they make great cakes) with red "grass" icing. I then added the face. Made the eyes out of marshmallows and black licorice jelly beans. Nose is a gumball.

My Elmo Cupcakes!


Godzown said…
hello there...
i made the elmo cupcakes for my friend"s kid's birthday..the kids loved them...thanks for the idea:-)
Dee said…
how much do they charge ? is it nut-free so that I can send to my son's school? do u have an idea where i can order an elmo-shaped cake for a decent price ?

thanks a bunch,
Anonymous said…
I searched and searched for the perfect Elmo cake, cupcakes whatever and no one would make what I wanted. Then I saw these and thought how easy, I can make these! I made a batch of chocolate and a box of funfeti cupcakes. I bought the pre-made red frosting from the grocery store to use for the icing. The gum balls were challenging to find, but I found them! I used black writing gel on the eye balls. They came out great, they were easy to make and they were the hit of the party!