Girl Meets Cupcake

Just found Girl Meets Cupcake (LOVE the name!) who is a self-described "Baking Fool" located in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Baking Fool

Engineer by day, amateur baker at night is what I do! This blog is your one-stop shop for cupcake heaven. I'll be posting all my new cupcake creations. So, check often. Interested? Contact me! I've been working in the kitchen to perfect my pefect cupcake recipe. Check out my flavors listed below. Click on the cupcake pictures to see it up close and personal.


** Vanilla Vixen ** (simply vanilla)

** Luscious Lemon **(tangy, yet sweet)

** Chocolate Champ ** (chocolicious)

** Screamin' Spice ** (perfect fall flavor)

** Almond Almighty ** (reminiscent of wedding cake)

** Strawberry Shorty ** (taste the strawberries)

** Coconut Crazy ** (for coconut lovers only)

** Red Velvet Rage ** (coming soon)

** 24 Karrot Cake ** (coming soon)


** Chocolate**

**Vanilla Buttercream**


**Cream Cheese**


** Strawberry **